Managed Account Level

Prior to engaging in a business relationship with its potential clients, Equities Reserves will categorize its clients as follows, based on the criteria outlined below:

  • In order to keep the account Status, the client must stay minimum 100 days in that level.
  • Clients invested more than $51,000 but less than $100,000 can ask for Platinum Trail.
  • Monthly Volume: it is the limit that level the account is on can trade maximum of open trades per month .
  • Credit Allowance: it is a money can be borrowed from the company to be used for trading with the client consent only, it may be conditional but it is interest rate free. (0% interest rate).
  • Monthly Cashback: it will be allocated based on various factors and it will be deducted from the balance, each client will receive it directly to their bank account/ wallet each month.
  • Management Fee: it is fixed to all managed accounts regardless of the results client shall pay it every year.
  • Performance Fee: applies to each account based on the profits achieved. The client shall pay this, since it can not be deducted from the account.

Trade with a personal and professional account manager

Your personal account manager can provide 1-on-1 training and assistance to help you with your journey into the trading arena, including tools, insights and more…

* Withdrawing in the first 90 days will cancel your membership. Also, a Client shall not withdraw his funds in the first 3 months to stay in the given level.

** Clients involved in investments that exceed the net deposit of 1,000,000 EUR value are subject to be offered the exclusivity to join the Royal Club (exclusive privileges apply).