Fees and Commission

Equities Reserves is all about making investing accessible and easier. With low fees and minimum deposits, combined with our user-friendly platform, stock investing is something everyone can do.

What does “commission” actually mean?

Commission means that no additional fee has been charged. Most brokers add a dealing charge when you buy or sell stocks through them. There will be a bid/ask market spread only.

Many brokers also charge a quarterly management fee and/or administration fee. Equities Reserves charges low management and/or administration fees. Equities Reserves even absorbs Stamp Duty and Financial Transaction Tax for clients where applicable: an additional saving of 0.5% in many countries.

What are 2 and 10 (Performance Fees)?

The 2 and 10 is a hedge fund compensation structure consisting of a management fee and a performance fee. 2% represents a management fee which is applied to the total assets under management. A 10% performance fee is charged on the profits that the hedge fund generates, beyond a specified minimum threshold.
Again, the 2% fee is charged on the assets under management regardless of the performance of the investments under the fund manager. However, the 10% fee is only charged when the fund achieves a certain level of profit.

Deposits and Withdrawals

We Don’t Charge Deposit and Withdrawal Fees!
As part of our commitment to offer the best trading conditions available, we cover most payment processing fees. On rare occasions, you may incur fees when transferring money to and from your Equities Reserves account. These are determined and levied by your payment issuer or bank, and not by us.
1. We may charge for exceeding the maximum number of monthly withdrawals.
2. E.g. for international credit card transactions, incoming/outgoing bank transfers and transactions using a currency that is not supported (Forex conversion).

Discounts for Capital Lockup

A hedge fund may decide to offer a substantial discount to investors who are willing to lock up their investments with the company for a specified time period, such as 1 year. This practice is most common with hedge funds whose investments typically require longer time frames to generate a significant ROI. In exchange for the longer lockup period, clients benefit from a reduced fee structure.
**up to 20% discount on our fees applicable on long term accounts.

Why stop at 0% trading commission?

The 0% on opening and closing the trade are applicable to all accounts. The advantages of buying stocks on Equities Reserves do not end with unbeatable pricing:

  • No limit on trading volume
  • Ability to get monthly dividends
  • Receive notifications on volatility and market events
  • Free access to TopRanks expert stock analysis