Your Choice of Some of the Most Powerful
Trading Platforms Available

Gain access to the global markets anytime and anywhere with your choice of a trading platform. Equities Reserves offers a wide range of choices including our own browser-based WebTrader, MT4 and MT5 for both PC and Mac, and the Equities Reserves Mobile App, available for Apple and Android.

Now, you can access, trade on, and monitor your account seamlessly and instantly.

Trade with us

Trading with Equities Reserves is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps:

  • Select an Asset
    Just click on the ‘Asset’ tab on our platform. Choose your preferred asset from our extensive tradable asset selection.
  • Investment Amount
    Decide on the amount you wish to invest on any given trade. Obviously, the higher the investment, the higher the potential rewards.
  • Trade
    Make your trading decision, whether to go short or go long, on your chosen asset. Our advanced charts, technical indicators, graphical trading tools, as well as live analysis will help you make an informed decision on probable future price movements.
  • Manage Your Risk
    When your trade position is open, you want to protect your positions from market risks. Manage your risks by using our Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Stop Loss orders help you to curb potential losses, while Take Profit orders allow you to lock in your profits.
  • Exit the Trade
    Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will automatically close your positions when triggered. On the WebTrader, you can monitor open trades and exit positions by simply clicking on the ‘Close Trade’ button.