Royal and Yacht Club

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If you qualify for membership status, our accounts are for inexperienced traders who are looking for the best investment for their money.

An Equities Reserves client who meets certain criteria can opt to become a high level member. This is a regulatory status available for all traders and financial advisors who are permitted to employ the broker for advanced strategies in managing their portfolios.


  • Does the value of your investment portfolio exceed €1,000,000


  • Have you carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters?


  • Have you looked into the trading sector in a Managed capacity for at least Several Months, which Quilafy you for the Highest level of membership that requires certain commitment.


Royal & Yacht Club Exclusive Debit Card

Spend your money anywhere, anytime, including market leading exchange rates across the globe, with a €100,000 EUR monthly limit.

  1. Use Equities Reserves Money to send and receive money to and from friends and family, or to set up Direct Debits and manage your household expenses.
  2. Your funds are ring-fenced with a top-tier bank
  3. Fast and easy
  4. No subscription or hidden costs
  5. Get your money when you want it with instant withdrawals from your investment account at a discounted FX fee.


Manage your Money & Crypto in one place

As well as managing your Fiat Currency you can also securely store, send, and receive the world’s most popular crypto in the Equities Reserves Account.


No Commission (0% Commission)

  • No management fees
  • 0% commission on stocks and commodities
  • No rollover fees
  • No ticket fees
  • No additional broker fees

Unlimited investments
Priority to Invest in stocks and commodities commission-free. Buy in bulks.


Important Information to Note for VIP Clients:

  • VIP Clients are entitled to ask if they can move to Royal and Yacht Club if they have invested more than €1,000,000.
  • Negative Balance Protection is not available for VIP’s but will be once the clients have moved to Royal and Yacht Club.
  • We expect VIP Clients to have certain level of knowledge and understanding of the rules with the Royal and Yacht Club complex.
  • VIP Clients with Financial capability to invest large amounts will be subject to the company Regulations and conditions before allowing the client to qualify for this level.

You may apply to receive Royal and Yacht Club status
The company will be required to successfully determine your suitability and financial capability before qualifying you to the highest membership level. Please proceed with your application process through the VIP Manager.